May 31, 2011

How To Define Activity Master - "Action" and "Objective"

Have you ever thought something like this?

"I can't define my Activity well."
"Sometimes it's very hard to pick one Activity for recording."

Here is a tip for you.

In your Activity Set, don't you have both Actions and Objectives?

For example, "For New Contracts" and "For Existing Contracts", these are Objectives. In other words, these are in regards to what you did.

For Actions, "Meeting", "Mail", "TEL", etc., these are the things that you actually did.

If you have both Objectives and Actions in your Activity Set, you may run into some difficulties.

For example, if you had a meeting about a new contracts, you would need to choose either "For New Contracts" or "Meeting" for your record.

We don't recommend using Actions and Objectives together in your Activity Set.

So which one should you use?

Well, it depends on why you are recording and analyzing your activity.

If this is your reason: "I want to manage my time use for existing contracts and maximize my time for new contracts." Then go with Objectives.

If this is your reason: "I want to spend less time for emailing and spend more time for making sales calls." Then go with Actions.


For advanced users;)

- Mixing Actions and Objectives purposefully in your Activity Set.
Let's say you are recording with Objectives and one day you think that you might be spending too much time on emailing.
If this is the case, while continuing to record with Objectives, you can add an Activity named "Email" and record the duration of the emailing time.
Though you won't see the Objectives of your emailing time with this method, you can find out how many hours you are spending on emailing while still keeping track of time for each Objective.

- Change entire Activity Set at the beginning of a month.
Start recording with Actions first and then switch to Objectives when you get a feeling.

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