May 3, 2011

Case: Cello-Playing Business Person

This is a second example of how to use MyStats.


- Record only Cello Playing time.

Wow, this is a simple one!

What this person told me is something like this:

- At first, he wanted to record everything he does.
Then he thought that he couldn't keep recording in that way.

- So he decided to record only one activity that he really wants to do.

- He once heard somewhere that, "anybody can play a musical instrument if he practices it for 10,000 hours" and he believes it.

- Because he has only one activity to record which he really wants to do, it's now very easy for him to keep using MyStats.

This is a story about a serious business person who works as a marketing planner at a big enterprise and decided not to record his working hours but to record only his cello playing time which he started just two years ago.

This is quite opposite of My Case, isn't it?

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