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August 28, 2011

I Just Quit Recording Body Fat Percentage

I just quit it:)

The reason is very simple. I noticed that I don't need it.

I had been measuring my body fat percentage with my scale at home. But it is very inaccurate. I don't think I gained or lost 4% of body fat in a day.

A couple of days ago, I just asked myself "Do I really need to record body fat percentage?"

What I actually want to manage is my waist size. As long as my waist size is in my target range, I don't care how heavy I am and what my body fat percentage is.

I started recording body fat percentage casually. I thought that it's very easy to record, because I can measure it by just stepping on the scale, and I thought it would help me to manage my waist size somehow. But my scale didn't give accurate numbers, and it was not useful at all.

- Body fat percentage is not the main focus for me.
- Recording body fat percentage is not troublesome, but it is.
- It's inaccurate.

So, thinking about these three reasons, do I really need to record body fat percentage? NO!

Then I quit recording.

Of course I'm not saying that "recording and analyzing body fat percentage is unnecessary in general".

I'm saying that I don't need to record body fat percentage because it's not that important to my actual goal.

The point is that you can quit recording something if you don't need it.

Don't you have some activities which you don't need, but you just keep recording it in your Activity Set anyway?

To be honest, it took me a whole two months to notice this fact.

What we want is "better results with less recordings". Stay aware that recording is not the purpose. Have a great life with MyStats;-)
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August 22, 2011

Case: HR Specialist

I interviewed a MyStats user who is an HR specialist working as a leader of HR and General Affair team in an enterprise.


- Records 24 hours including “Sleep”.

- Activity Set has 13 activity masters.
They are divided into 5 categories such as, Work, Amusement, Exercise, etc.
He named his activities like, “Work–Meeting”, “Work–Simple Tasks”, and so on.

- Reviews the pie chart every night, and he says something like these to him self:
“Oh, only Simple Tasks is filling my day! I got to do something with my brain!” or
“I need more sleep, but I’m sleeping too much on Sunday…”

- Records “schedules” on purpose.
MyStats is designed for handling the things that happened and not the things that will happen, but he sometimes inputs things that will happen which are schedules. For example, something like a promise to himself, he would record “Study” into the next day; in order to make sure if it gets done. “However,” he said, “Since MyStats is a real easy-to-operate app, it is easy for me to change what I scheduled into something more amusing.


In the morning of April 26th, he was thinking that he should start time management based on Peter Druckers’ method. He looked at Nikkei Industrial Newspaper and found an article about MyStats. He thought “This is it!” and downloaded MyStats.

At the beginning, he didn’t think that he could record the entire 24 hours, but since it is so easy to operate, he was quickly able to record his entire day, after all.

As he used MyStats everyday, his technique of recording schedules came naturally.

“The best part of MyStats is the easy-operation. I love this!”
That’s a great compliment!

Thank you so much for using and loving MyStats! We will continue to develop more and more features but we promise not to forget about the simplicity of operation!
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(Original article was written on July 13rd.)

August 6, 2011

Country List

So far, the number of the countries in which MyStats has been downloaded is 54. The following is the Top 30 countries.
1. Japan
2. United States
3. Australia
4. United Kingdom
5. Taiwan
6. Canada
7. Germany
8. Korea
9. Singapore
10. China
11. Hong Kong
12. Russia
13. Thailand
14. Sweden
15. France
16. Netherlands
17. Mexico
18. Czech Republic
19. India
20. Turkey
21. Philippines
22. Norway
23. New Zealand
24. Brazil
25. Italy
26. Kuwait
27. Saudi Arabia
28. South Africa
29. Slovakia
30. Malaysia

We are very glad to see so many different people in so many different countries using MyStats. I believe that all of us are together making the world better little by little.
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Time Management, Productivity, GTD... MyStats
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