June 2, 2011

First Bug Fix

Last Thursday, we found a bug through a user review on the App Store. It's an error you get when you have a certain combination of conditions and once you get the error, you can't record.

The following is how we responded to the bug.

Thursday May 26th
- The user review appeared and the problem was found.
We added a message on the App Store description to inform the user that we started working on the problem.

- Identified the bug and started working on fixing it.
We added a message on the App Store description to inform how users can avoid this problem.

- Fixing complete.
Friday May 27th
- Started the test on the new version, V1.04

- Completed the test
Uploaded V1.04 to the App Store.
Thursday June 2nd
- Received "Review Done" notice from the App Store.

- Found that the new download for MyStats was switched to V1.04 on the App Store.

- Found MyStats on the App Store Updates list.

We'd like to apologize to the users who experienced this problem.

At the same time, we'd like to tell our users that we believe that we solved our first bug in the shortest period of time.

There is a lot more to do for making MyStats the best app for self-management, but we can do it!
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