May 8, 2011

Calculation: Client Meeting Time / Transportation Time

It's not a "MyStats Case" but...

I met an experienced sales rep recently. He is kind of a go getter.

This is what he told me.


Client Meeting Time / Transportation Time

Once he recorded his time and found that it was 15% to 20%.

He thought that it was really inefficient and worked on improving his activity while he kept recording and analyzing this indicator.

Then he figured that the limit is 45% for him and he could not improve it futher.

However, while he was keeping this indicator at 40% to 45%, he was winning new contracts continuously.

So he thought that 40% to 45% was good enough for his business.


A good number for this indicator depends on what you sell and how big your business area is, but this calculation can be useful for anybody.

Time A / Time B = Efficiency C

By the way, this person has even published a book about sales in Japan;)


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