March 13, 2013

What's New on MyStats V1.41

The new version of MyStats is almost ready and will be released soon!
Let's take a look at the new features!

1. Customize Time Periods for Graph

You can specify the start and the end date of the graph time periods for both Pie Charts and Line Graphs.

This function is useful to analyze
  • your business cycle
  • period of camp training
  • etc.

Now, let's walk through how it works.
Select "Customize Time" fond in "Settings" of the Pie Graph page.

 Notice that the Time range is now changed to "Customize" on the Pie Graph.

Tap on the date button.

Select your preferred time period.

The Pie Graph is now reloaded in accordance to your selected period of time.

You can also change the time period for the Line graph.

The time period's max length for the Pie Graph is 31 days and 365 days for the Line Graph.

2. Cumulated Value on the Line Graph

The cumulated value (shown when the Data Process Type is set to Cumulative) is now always available for the Line Graph.
We hope that some of you will find this to be useful.

3. Switching the Home screen animation.

The home screen was re-designed and animation was introduced from V1.40.

Though the animation looks good, in some cases, it affected the system's performance.

Now you can select the  animation off option for the home screen.

Try this setting if you feel the home screen is too busy.

By the way, you don't need to wait for the animation to end if you want to move to another screen.
You can access the time line if  you tap the Digital Clock during the animation.

4. Easy to access to the Bird's-Eye View

Bird's-Eye view is not displayed on the home screen if you use the 3.5 inch display device.

3 inch display
4 inch display

The menu has been changed so that you can access Bird's-Eye View easily.

Let's swipe the home screen to show the hidden menu.

You will find Bird's-Eye View button on the top layer of the menu.

5. Better Home Screen for Daily Activity users

The home screen has been redesigned for Daily Activity users.
If you haven't recorded TImed Activity in the last 31 days, the MyStats logo will appear where the Pie Graph and Bird's-Eye view are displayed as usual.

This logo is the background image and will not respond to any action.

What do you think?
Though many of these are very small changes, we hope that this will make MyStats more useful!


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January 27, 2013

The Brand New Home Screen!

The home screen of MyStats has been fully re-designed.

It's been almost two years since the first version of MyStats was released. We've been trying to keep MyStats as simple as possible. However, we have to admit that because of a lot of new functions we added to MyStats, it had become a little bit complicated. We also think that the design of the home screen from two years ago was not very "up-to-date".

So, we are now proud to introduce the brand new home screen!

Left:Previous Home Sscreen
Right:New Home Screen

Compared to the previous version, the new home screen gives you…

- A quick look of your current data and status.

- Easy access to other screens.

The other feature of the new screen is the hidden menu which slides out when you swipe the home screen. You can find Backup & Restore, Email CSV Data, Facebook, General Settings and all other functions here.

How is it?

Don't you think that the new home screen makes your MyStats life better?

Please give it a try!


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Self-Management, Time Management, Productivity, GTD... MyStats
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December 9, 2012

What's New on MyStats V1.31

The new version of MyStats is almost ready and will be released soon!

Let's take a look at the great new features!

1. "Slide Select" for Timed Activity

A new way to record Timed Activities has been added.

When you select a time range as usual ... 

Your Timed Activity Masters appear on both sides of the selected time range. Slide these masters and select the one you want to record.

Now you can record just by tapping an Activity on the timeline screen.

If you tap the selected time range without sliding the masters, you can record the same way as before.

Since we were so excited about this new feature, we have even moved the release schedule ahead. We hope you like it!

2. Dropbox Backup & Restore

"Backup & Restore" is one of the long-awaited functions of MyStats users. Thank you for waiting!

Now you can backup and restore with Dropbox.

Do you know Dropbox? Dropbox offers a cloud storage and synchronization of your files between your different devices. 2GB storage is available for free.

Create a Dropbox account if you don't have one.

Now, let's walk through how it works.

1) Tap on the "Backup & Restore" button in the Setting & Tool menu.

2) Tap on the "Backup" button.

3) Sign in to Dropbox.

4) After tapping "Yes", a backup file will be created.

5) Tap "YES" after checking the size of the backup file.

6) After a moment, the backup file will be uploaded to Dropbox.

Next, let's cover how to restore your data.

1) Tap on the "Restore" button.

2) Select a backup you want to restore.


3) After tapping "Yes", your data will be restored.

We recommend you to backup about every month or so.

By the way, as it's stated underneath the Restore button, when you restore, all of the information in MyStats will be deleted and replaced with the information from your backup. So we recommend you to backup before restoring.

3. iPhone 5 compatible

MyStats is now compatible with iPhone 5 (4 inch display).

You can see more without scrolling.

That's it for now. Have fun with MyStats V1.31. It's coming very soon!


This version works with iOS4.3 or later. If you use iOS4.2 or earlier, please update your iOS.

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October 31, 2012

Evernote Analysis - Advanced

As I explained in another post, Evernote Analysis, Evernote Analysis function has been added to MyStats from V.1.30.

In this post, I will introduce some advanced information of this function.

- Manual Data Import

Although Evernote information is imported once a day automatically, you can also import the latest information manually.

Take a look at the Daily Activity Record screen.

By tapping on "Evernote: Monthly Usage", you can import the latest information.

You can also tap on "Evernote: # of Notes" and you will see the message below.

You can import the latest information by tapping on "Only unupdated data".

You use "All data" only when you want to delete all of the imported # of Notes data and re-import everything. You might want to use it when you re-organize a lot of old notes.

- Cumulative (All Recorded Data)

We have added a new item for Data Processing Type in the Line Graph settings.

 In the older version of MyStats, you only could cumulate data displayed in the Line Graph. Now you can select "Cumulative (All Recorded Data)" and cumulate all of the data you have.

In order to show your life-time Evernote information, we needed to add this new function.

Of course you can select this item for any other Daily Activities.  If you want to know how many sit-ups you have done within the last two years, you can see it.

By the way, MyStats handles data only from 2010 and beyond.  So if you started using Evernote in 2009 or earlier, all prior data will be summarized and added to January 1st of 2010.


Evernote Analysis function works with iOS4.2 or later. It works on iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch 3rd Generation or later, and any iPad. If you use iOS4.1 or earlier, please update your iOS.

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Self-Management, Time Management, Productivity, GTD... MyStats
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Evernote Analysis

Evernote Analysis function has been added to MyStats from V.1.30!

This new function came about in a brainstorming with Evernote people and Kenji (Creator of MyStats) which took place during a visit to Evernote headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Another aspect of this new function is that it is the first external data handling function of MyStats. Moving forward, we will be adding more new functions which handle the data of other services and apps.

By the way, do you know Evernote?

It is a service with which you remember everything. You can store text, PDFs, photos, web pages, and anything in Evernote and access your data through a PC, iPhone, and various devices wherever you are.
The "Evernote Analysis" function of MyStats was developed for Evernote users. If you are not an Evernote user, you can become one now. Try Evernote with MyStats. Both are for free!

So let me introduce the function. With this function, you can...

Get information from Evernote automatically,

and visualize it with Line Graphs.

What you can get is "# of Notes" and "Monthly Usage".

Let's see the step by step instructions.

Tap on the new button "Add "Evernote Analysis"" on the Record menu, and then tap on "Analyze # of Notes".

Add a new Daily Activity by tapping YES,

and then, import data by tapping YES, again.

If you are not logged in to Evernote, the login screen will appear, so login to Evernote. That's it. You are done with "# of Notes".

In the same way, let's also add "Monthly Usage" and import data.

Now you are ready to analyze them.

Access the Daily Activity Record screen from the Record menu.

You can see the new Daily Activities you have just added.

By tapping "Analyze" and then "Evernote: # of Notes",

you can see how you have created notes ever since you started using Evernote.

Let's check "Monthly Usage" as well.

What you see here is just a dot.  It's because only current Monthly Usage information is available at Evernote.  We cannot access past data, like yesterday or last month. So what you can see here is only today's data which you have just imported.

However, as long as you keep this Daily Activity and launch MyStats on a daily basis, Monthly Usage information will be imported automatically.  So with no efforts, after a while, you will have a Line Graph like this.

In Evernote, you can find out what your current Monthly Usage is at anytime.  But as I said, you cannot see past information.  "How much did I store in Evernote last month?" If you wanted to know, there was no way to find out.

With the Evernote Analysis function of MyStats, just by using MyStats, Monthly Usage information is recorded automatically and you can see it on the Line Graph.

Do you like this?  I think, this is a great tool for Evernote users:-)

If you are new to MyStats, please start using MyStats with very simple activities, such as Weight, Time I Got Up, and so on.

Do NOT try to start with many activities and overwhelm yourself;-)

If you want to know more about the Evernote Analysis function, please see Evernote Analysis - Advanced.


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Self-Management, Time Management, Productivity, GTD... MyStats
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August 31, 2012

What's New on MyStats V1.23

The latest version of MyStats has been released. Many new features are now available!

Let's take a look at them!

1. Twitter Integration

Not only to Facebook and Evernote, you can now post your analysis and comments to Twitter directly!

There is a new "Tweet" button.

You can write up to 118 characters excluding the URL of the analysis picture. An official Hash tag is also available.

After checking the preview, tap on the "Tweet" button.

Here it is.

Why don't you tweet your dream or goal and charts letting your friends know how you are doing?

2. My Memo

You can write a memo on the Daily Activity Record screen.

Before, those memos could only be seen on this daily screen, but not anymore. You now have a new "My Memo" screen and can see all of the memos you wrote together.

On the Analyze menu screen, there is a new "My Memo" button and it'll take you there.

It's especially for those of who write a quick journal on MyStats. If you are not, how about trying it?

3. Start Month for the Annual Line Graph

There is a new option in the Line Graph Settings screen.

Before, when you opened the 1 year Line Graph, it always showed last 12 months.

However, if you've set an annual goal at the beginning of the year, what you'd like to see is a Line Graph which starts from January.

In this case, you set January as the Start Month for 1 Year. Then you'll always see the Line Graph starting from January.

If you've set an annual goal for your school year, you can set your graph to start from September. Or you still can choose Last 12 Months to let MyStats work just as it's been.

We believe that your annual goal management is now a lot easier;)
There are some other minor changes and improvements.

Do you like V1.23? We hope so!

lifelog, time management, self-management
Self-Management, Time Management, Productivity, GTD... MyStats
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