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August 31, 2012

What's New on MyStats V1.23

The latest version of MyStats has been released. Many new features are now available!

Let's take a look at them!

1. Twitter Integration

Not only to Facebook and Evernote, you can now post your analysis and comments to Twitter directly!

There is a new "Tweet" button.

You can write up to 118 characters excluding the URL of the analysis picture. An official Hash tag is also available.

After checking the preview, tap on the "Tweet" button.

Here it is.

Why don't you tweet your dream or goal and charts letting your friends know how you are doing?

2. My Memo

You can write a memo on the Daily Activity Record screen.

Before, those memos could only be seen on this daily screen, but not anymore. You now have a new "My Memo" screen and can see all of the memos you wrote together.

On the Analyze menu screen, there is a new "My Memo" button and it'll take you there.

It's especially for those of who write a quick journal on MyStats. If you are not, how about trying it?

3. Start Month for the Annual Line Graph

There is a new option in the Line Graph Settings screen.

Before, when you opened the 1 year Line Graph, it always showed last 12 months.

However, if you've set an annual goal at the beginning of the year, what you'd like to see is a Line Graph which starts from January.

In this case, you set January as the Start Month for 1 Year. Then you'll always see the Line Graph starting from January.

If you've set an annual goal for your school year, you can set your graph to start from September. Or you still can choose Last 12 Months to let MyStats work just as it's been.

We believe that your annual goal management is now a lot easier;)
There are some other minor changes and improvements.

Do you like V1.23? We hope so!

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