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April 26, 2011

The Sentence Which Follows The Drucker's Sentence I Talked About

As I mentioned in the press release (at the end of this article), one sentence written by Peter F. Drucker led us to develop MyStats.

The first step toward executive effectiveness is therefore to record actual time use.
Peter F. Drucker, "Efficient Executive"

When I read this sentence, I thought "Yeah, let's do it!" Then I also thought "But how do I do this?"

The next sentence is this.

The specific method in which the record is put together need not concern us here.
Peter F. Drucker, "Efficient Executive"

Oh well, you won't tell me about it, huh?

So I started the trial-and-error and then came up with my own recording method with a pocketbook, a blue pen, a red pen, and spreadsheet software after a good six months of struggling.

It's the very first prototype of MyStats.

So, should I say, TWO sentences written by Peter F. Drucker led us to develop MyStats? ;)

After the second sentence, he continues like, "have your secretaries do it for you." No secretaries around? You got MyStats.

Press Release:
A New iPhone App "MyStats" is Released For Self-Management  - A Lifelog and Analyze Tool -

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April 22, 2011


We would like to provides updates for MyStats. The updates are new features, user experiences, tips, and so on.

This is a trial blog for MyStats.

We'll see if it works well here or not...