November 5, 2011

24 Colors of MyStats

Have you tried the new colors of MyStats? Originally, there were only 12 colors in MyStats but from Version 1.12, we have doubled the number of colors, and now there are 24.

Since "More Colors" was one of the most popular requests from users, I'm guessing that these additional colors may have been welcomed by many.

By the way, did you know that these 24 colors consist of 4 groups of colors? Each group has 6 colors and each color has been modified to each group separately.

Each group looks like these on the Pie Charts.

I think that knowing this concept may help you to select colors.

Of course you can use those colors all together at once like below;-)

To tell you the truth, I don't think the current Color Select Screen design is best suited for this grouping concept. So we are planning to redesign the screen sometime in the future.

Anyway, please play around with those new colors and find your own prefered combination of colors.

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