September 2, 2011

The Number of Downloads of MyStats Exceeds 50,000 on September 1st.

It's taken about four months to happen.

I heard that there is an app which was downloaded 100,000 times on its very first release date. There should be many apps which have been downloaded over one million times. But at the same time, I heard that 99% of iPhone apps' download numbers don't exceed over 10,000.

It seems that, so far, MyStats is not doing so badly.

This past spring, we had no idea how many users would download MyStats and we had very uneasy feelings about it. Thinking back then, it feels like a dream.

I'd like to express my deep gratitude to everybody who supported us to come this far and also to our 50,000 users.

When I think that this many people are using MyStats, I feel so happy and also feel a very big responsibility.

We will continue to improve MyStats more and more for our 50,000 valuable users and also for another 50,000 or one million future users.

Please look forward to seeing MyStats evolve into something even better;-)

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