July 16, 2011

Dreams and Goals

We did some statistical research on MyStats users' dreams and goals.

The research showed that there are more money related and language related dreams and goals compared to others. It can also be said that there are many dreams and goals with dates to be accomplished by.

The following are some results from the research.


- Ratio of money related to dreams and goals: 9.1%

- Ratio of language related to dreams and goals: 5.6%

- Ratio of dreams and goals with dates to be accomplished by: 8.4%


Other than the above, there are various dreams and goals related to health care, diet, occupation, certifications, love, musical instruments, and places to live.

As we predicted before the research, dreams and goals vary a lot. Although they all are different, they are the same in that they require a lot of effort, and everyone is doing their best to accomplish them.

How about us? So will we;)

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(Original article was written on June 29th.)

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